Telia chooses KV Baltic for expansion and modernisation of data centre S2

Press release, 17 November 2020

Telia, together with data centre design and installation experts KV Baltic, is expanding and modernising the S2 data centre.

The new Telia Data Centre (DC) will feature the highest level of reliability and highly efficient technologies.

The design of the S2 data centre not only took into account the customer’s needs and market trends, but also paid close attention to protection against potential natural disasters. To this end, KV Baltic has opted for a well-known additional protection measure in the DC industry – the “room within a room” concept. In the event of a fire, an automatic extinguishing system will be installed to extinguish the fire with gases that do not endanger the equipment, people and the environment. “The S2 data centre will be equipped with a redundant power supply using 2 independent inputs from the city, 2N uninterruptible power supplies and full power reservation with power generators.

The new Telia data centre will include 80 server racks with a total capacity of 400kW.

The pandemic that hit the world unexpectedly showed how important quality IT services and solutions are for business continuity. This is also evident in Lithuania, where the demand for data centre and IT maintenance is constantly growing, as companies increasingly entrust the complex maintenance of their IT assets to Telia’s IT professionals. That is why we are investing in the expansion of our data centres, so that we can continue to maintain our IT leadership not only in Lithuania, but also in providing services to companies operating abroad “, says Daniel Karpovič, Head of Corporate Accounts at Telia.

The upgraded data centre will provide exceptional speeds, as all Telia data centres are connected by 100Gbps lines directly to Telia Lietuva root nodes.

The S2 data centre reconstruction is scheduled for completion in January 2021.

“The services provided in Telia’s data centres comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 20000, the most important IT service management and security standards. The company also provides the necessary related services: infrastructure, Cloud servers (including Hybrid and Multi Cloud solutions), application maintenance, and equipment rental and sales services.

This year, Telia’s sales of IT services to private companies and public sector organisations grew by more than one-fifth. “Telia’s office equipment and IT systems maintenance services are overseen by a team of more than 200 IT professionals throughout Lithuania.


KV Baltic are experts with more than 15 years of experience in designing, installing and auditing data centers in Lithuania and Norway. They have contributed to the construction of more than 30 data centers.