KV Baltic has experienced project managers, designers and engineers with experience in building data centres in Norway and Lithuania. We offer our clients cutting-edge engineering solutions in the design of data centres, as well as the latest cooling technologies (e.g. Kyoto cooling technology) and the installation of parallel diesel generator sets. We can offer data centres that meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. It is the combination of efficiency and reliability that makes us a market leader.

Ecology is an equally important consideration in the development of data centres. KV Baltic’s activities are aimed at conserving natural resources and reusing existing resources. A responsible approach to both customer needs and the environment. Projects are designed and implemented taking into account all environmental requirements and in consultation with specialists in the field.

We offer our customers a full range of services from data centre design to data centre operations support. We advise on all matters of concern and also provide auditing services.

Data center design

  • We design data centres, managing all aspects of data centre infrastructure project development from greenfield design through to construction.
  • We prepare project plans and budgets for new or existing developments, including real estate, site layout, electrical, mechanical, fire fighting, security and building control costs.
  • We focus on developing cost-effective and energy-efficient data centre projects.
  • We work to reduce the operating costs of existing or newly built data centres.

Data center installation

  • Optimising the value of the project, taking into account the expectations and constraints of potential long-term owners.
  • We monitor project progress and progress, assessing risks, opportunities and cost-effectiveness.
  • We can manage consultants, external stakeholders and other third parties to ensure the success of the project.
  • We periodically visit the data centre site to monitor the progress of the construction, review the status of the work in progress, and check that the work is proceeding according to the plans and in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications.
  • We review contracts. We check that the solutions provided meet all requirements.

Data center audit

We can audit and prepare audit reports for a wide range of data centre technical environments. From assisting, comparing the actual design with industry standards and best practices, to documentation of all aspects of the existing data centre facility’s lifetime and maintenance, such as mechanical (power and cooling), security, building support functions (management and monitoring), infrastructure asset management, processes, procedures and working practices.

We can also provide you with an overview of your existing data centre environment and recommend changes that will help you reduce the risk of downtime, increase floor space, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and improve security.

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